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At Chimney Relining Services, we can repair your chimney with the Twin Wall relining system. We use stainless steel to reline chimneys. 

 Old unlined chimneys, and chimneys with damaged flue tiles can now be brought up to standard.

 A properly lined chimney allows for better draft. 

We are also approved independant Stove Installation experts.

We can install your stove to the highest standards.

A properly lined chimney allows for better draft. Stainless steel prevents corrosion and is easy to clean and prevents chimney fires. Relining is the perfect solution to rebuilding an old one.


We use stainless steel to reline chimneys. Old unlined chimneys, and chimneys with damaged flue tiles can now be brought up to standard. We are also professional stove installers and work to the highest safety standards.


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A chimney that looks perfectly ok on the outside can be faulty or even dangerous on the inside!

A look at the inside of a chimney often shows how corrosive residue has attacked the flue. The original clay liner gets eroded away; pieces of it are even missing. Old chimneys might not even have a liner. Mortar and bricks are loose and falling, and moisture can leek through to the home's interior walls.

 With continued use, more erosion will take place, possibly leading to leaks in the flue, complete flue blockage, or possibly even carbon monoxide poisoning of the home's occupants.

Chimney problems can cause illness and even loss of lives.

But fortunately, the problems of a deteriorating flue can be corrected without completely rebuilding your chimney. Chimney Relining Services can completely revitalize your chimney with the Twin Wall relining system.

The Twin Wall stainless steel sleeve was developed specifically to resist corrosive flue acids and can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees of heat. It acts as a barrier between the flue gases and the defects in your chimney walls.

Not only will it add to the safety of your home and family, it will also increase the resale value of your home.

If you have any doubts about your chimney give call Chimney Relining Services now. Our technicians have the experience to secure your chimney quickly, efficiently and cleanly.

Discover how easy it is to have a properly working chimney system.

We also do Grant Aided Bathroom Renovations

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